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Dishwashers for Bars and Cafés

Compact and intuitive dishwashers

Our machines are compact and can e adapted to even limited spaces, requiring minimum maintenance.

Whether you need to process tea or coffee cups, glasses or plates, Elettrobar guarantees all your tableware cleaned to perfection.

Different needs that require simple but effective solutions

Whether it’s coffee residues, lipstick traces or sugar lingering in the bottom of a cup, an impeccable washing system will make glass, ceramic and metal impeccable.

Choose the best dishwasher for your cafeteria

More than 50 models designed to be reliable, user-friendly and sustainable.

Rely on partners Elettrobar

Elettrobar accompanies you not only in the purchase of your dishwasher, but also in after-sales support

Need to replace your old dishwasher urgently?

Want individual consulting for a custom project?

Need after-sales service?