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Dishwashers for pubs and breweries

Resistant against everything

To withstand intense workloads, a dishwasher has to offer top performance and lasting robustness.

Our steel structure has been specially designed to be resistant and solid, using excellent materials and advanced bending techniques that give additional solidity to its structure.

By your side on even the busiest evenings

Even your busiest evenings and with difficult, heavy loads to wash, Elettrobar has no rivals, both for the strength of the body which can be abused in the frenzy of service as well as for the always impeccable washing quality.

Choose the best dishwasher for your brewery

More than 50 models designed to be reliable, user-friendly and sustainable.

Rely on partners Elettrobar

Elettrobar accompanies you not only in the purchase of your dishwasher, but also in after-sales support

Need to replace your old dishwasher urgently?

Want individual consulting for a custom project?

Need after-sales service?