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Glasswasher Elettrobar Ocean 41

Glass and dish washer with 39×39 cm basket and useful door clearance of 32 cm.

For delicate glass goblets, special racks are available with row dividers and an inclined base that can accommodate goblets up to 11 cm in diameter. Possibility to use specialised cold rinse programme (ProCold) for bars that require a rapid changeover of glassware.
At peak times for serving coffee, the washing of demitasse cups and saucers can be speeded up with the use of an optional grille that allows two racks to be washed simultaneously: demitasse cups in the lower rack, saucers in the top.
The application of the grid in the washing chamber is a quick and easy operation as it is sufficient to place it in the appropriate supports.

Maximum height for dishes

30 cm

Maximum height for glasses

30 cm

Icona vassoi

Maximum height for trays

Technical characteristics

Maximum real productivity*
30 racks/hour (35 with hot water)
Maximum theoretical productivity
40 racks/hour
Dimensions (WxDxH)
46,5x53,5x67 cm
Rack size
39x39 cm
Tank capacity
8 lt
Boiler capacity
2,6 lt


Resistenza vasca
0,6 kW
Boiler heating element
2,6 kW
Wash pump – power
0,2 kW
Rinse pump – power
0,2 kW
Drain pump – power
0,04 kW
Total absorption
3,5 kW
Power supply voltage
230V - 50Hz - 1N
Max. current
16 amp
Min-max water supply pressure
2 → 4 bar
Min-max water supply temperature
50 → 60 °C

Further information

A version with a 38.5 cm diameter round wire basket is also available.
The rack equipment consists of two glass baskets and a cutlery insert.
Specialized programs: ProPlates, ProWater, ProCold (In the CDE version).

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