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Mistral 94LX NRG

Hood Elettrobar Mistral 94LZ NRG

High-capacity hood dishwasher with 50×60 cm rack and 46,5 cm door opening height.

New user interface with soft-touch keys and new design polychrome LCD display.
Full doubleskin construction; hood with thermal-acoustic insulation.
The pressed tank is equipped with an integral stainless steel filter.
The hood opens smoothly, with little effort from the operator.
The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners and, thanks to its large capacity, can accommodate utensils of all shapes and sizes.
Thanks to its large basket capacity, this dishwasher can hold utensils of a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Maximum height for dishes


Maximum height for glasses

45 cm

Icona vassoi

Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (53X32 cm) - 60x40 cm

Technical characteristics

Maximum real productivity*
45 racks/h
Maximum theoretical productivity
65 rcaks/h
Dimensions (WxDxH)
70x75,5x226,4 cm
Rack size
50x60 cm
Tank capacity
30 lt
Boiler capacity
12 lt


Resistenza vasca
2,5 kW
Boiler heating element
7 kW
Wash pump – power
1,5 kW
Rinse pump – power
0,2 kW
Drain pump – power
0,04 kW
Total absorption
11 kW
Power supply voltage
400V - 50Hz - 3N
Max. current
20 amp
Min-max water supply pressure
1 → 4 bar
Min-max water supply temperature
15 → 60 °C

Further information

The machine is also equipped with an upper and lower 3 arm rotating spray.
Standard equipment includes peristaltic detergent and rinse aid dispensers, which can be adjusted from the control panel, and triple drain filter.

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