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Undercounter dishwashers River 63

Undercounter dishwashers with 50×50 cm rack and 38.5 cm door opening.

A choice of eight specialised programmes, including programmes for glasses (ProGlass), for cutlery programme (ProSteel), for heavily soiled items (ProLong, ProActive) plus a sanitising programme (ProSan), maximise the versatility of the dishwasher.

Maximum height for dishes

39 cm

Maximum height for glasses

35,5 cm

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Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (53x32)

Technical characteristics

Maximum real productivity*
44 racks/h (35 with hot water)
Maximum theoretical productivity
60 racks/h
Dimensions (WxDxH)
60x60x82 cm
Rack size
50x50 cm
Tank capacity
15 lt
Boiler capacity
6 lt


Resistenza vasca
1,4 kW
Boiler heating element
6 kW
Wash pump – power
0,47 kW
Rinse pump – power
0,2 kW
Drain pump – power
0,04 kW
Total absorption
7,9 kW
Power supply voltage
400V - 50Hz - 3N
Max. current
16 amp
Min-max water supply pressure
1 → 4 bar
Min-max water supply temperature
15 → 60 °C

Further information

Standard equipment comprises a plate rack, a universal rack and a cutlery insert.
Specialised programmes:ProGlass, ProWater, ProSteel, ProNew, ProLong, ProEco, ProActive, ProSan.
Self-clean cycles are provided as standard.

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