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Private area

There are contexts where the level of hygiene needs to be increased to get to real tableware cleanliness: hospital facilities and clinics, residences for the elderly, pre-schools and schools.

Protecta was created for them: the Elettrobar dishwasher line specialized in disinfection.

A new generation of dishwashers with special cycles that guarantee an A0=60 level of disinfection by eliminating 99.99999% of bacteria (10 times more than required by the DIN 10512 standard).

One under-counter and one hood dishwasher with construction and technology features that put them at the high end of our product range. The user interface with an LCD screen is integrated via a USB port that allows washing cycle data to be transferred, as per the HACCP protocol.


Thanks to a new concept of electrical power distribution, the recovery time between washes is significantly reduced, especially in the case of repeated washing.

Ease of use and operational flexibility

Elettrobar dishwashers are extremely easy to use thanks to the interface composta da quattro tasti soft-touch, un display LED a 4 caratteri più due side indicator bars.


Energy economizer, rapid tank heating system, and rinse control with Thermostop are standard technologies for all models and related versions