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Elettrobar presents a complete range of rack conveyor dishwashers offering a choice of different throughputs, dimensions and configurations, to provide the optimal dishwashing solution for users of all types, ranging from a large company canteen to a small health facility.

Reducing water, energy, detergent and labour use means immediate savings for anyone choosing an Elettrobar rack conveyor dishwasher.

Up to 300 racks/hour using just 0.6 litres of water per rack, delivering perfectly washed and dried dishes, ready for use.


Thanks to the new IDROWASH and DUOFLOW technologies, washing large quantities of dishes in a short time is now possible.

The special design of the Elettrobar washing arms with directional nozzles creates stable water blades that reach the dishes when they have not yet split into drops and therefore when they still have maximum energy. Each arm with its 12 nozzles generates extremely stable water blades, mounted very close together they create a true 'hydraulic brush' that effectively removes dirt from dishes.


More efficient use of the electrical power supplied to the pump, which is converted into mechanical energy for dishwashing. Conventional pumps have one inlet and one outlet, DuoFlow on the other hand has one inlet and two tangential outlets, each directly connected to the arms, allowing better results with lower power consumption.

Ease of use for all

Easy and intuitive user interfaces

The User Interfaces, ESI and ELI are easy and intuitive thanks to the use of colour codes and icons that make machine use and staff training quick and simple. From the control panel you can choose the most suitable washing programme and adjust the
dosing of detergents.

Large useful opening of no less than 45 cm allows easy loading of baking trays, gastronorm trays, thermal trays for meal distribution, plates even of large diameter, tall glasses, pots and pans and various utensils, using specific baskets.

Ease of installation

Simplified assembly

The modules are joined using an innovative system that makes partitioning and reassembly very quick; the electrical and hydraulic systems are also designed to make these operations as easy as possible.

In this way, no entrance is so narrow that a dishwasher cannot be installed.


Patented rinsing systems to significantly reduce operating costs through reduced consumption of water and related detergent.


Timed washing system to reduce energy consumption during stand-by periods, which causes all electrical consumers to be switched off progressively with the exception of the tank and boiler heating elements, which remain active so that the dishwasher is ready to resume work at any time.


Device that stops rinsing if there is no basket of dishes to be treated. The system is electromechanical, simple, reliable and effective in reducing the waste of water and energy to heat it.