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Space is a valuable resource in any kitchen, and this is why Elettrobar has created truly multifunctional dishwashers that are able to fulfil a variety of very different functions as the need arises.

The Elettrobar new generation provides an effective solution to the challenges facing the HO.RE.CA. world. With very compact external dimensions, the considerable load clearance (between 36.5 cm and 38.5 cm) provides plenty of space for plates, oven dishes, trays and small pans to pass. Furthermore, specific washing programs combined with self-cleaning programs allow for significant operational flexibility with consequent advantages in terms of time savings and guaranteed results.

Thanks to the right mix of washing and rinsing temperatures, new technologies that cut recovery times and the innovative QUICKREADY function, large quantities of dishes can now be washed in a short time. Real throughput of up to 45 racks/hour is an outstanding figure unrivalled in the respective product classes


Thanks to a new concept of electrical power distribution, the recovery time between washes is significantly reduced, especially in the case of repeated washing.

Ease of use and operational flexibility

Elettrobar dishwashers are extremely easy to use thanks to the interface composta da quattro tasti soft-touch, un display LED a 4 caratteri più due side indicator bars.


Energy economizer, rapid tank heating system, and rinse control with Thermostop are standard technologies for all models and related versions