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Dishwashers for Bakeries, Pastry Stores and Delicatessens

Programme your work

Simple, intuitive interface

The heart of a good organization is optimal programming: with Elettrobar machines and their simple, intuitive interface, even a large amount of work will no longer be a problem and perfect washing will always remain perfect, adapting day by day to your needs.

Cleans even the most stubborn dirt

Elettrobar can handle dirt on any type of material: steel, aluminium, plastic, glass or china will come out of your dishwasher sparkling and sanitised and with no need for a pre-wash: perfect for unlimited productivity.

Choose the best dishwasher for your bakery

More than 50 models designed to be reliable, user-friendly and sustainable.

Rely on partners Elettrobar

Elettrobar accompanies you not only in the purchase of your dishwasher, but also in after-sales support

Need to replace your old dishwasher urgently?

Want individual consulting for a custom project?

Need after-sales service?