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Dishwashers for Ice-Cream Parlours

Tackles all kinds of dirt

Constant hygiene

Your working utensils will always be sanitised, shiny and ready to guarantee you maximum productivity: from the lightest to the most aggressive dirt, there will be no need for a pre-wash and all time saved can be invested in continually improving your production performance.

Tight spaces, great performance

You don’t have to have a large space to achieve superior quality in your work-Electrobar dishwashers are designed to maximize washing capacity, giving you maximum versatility and speed in a compact space.

Choose the right dishwasher for your ice cream shop

More than 50 models designed to be reliable, user-friendly and sustainable.

Rely on partners Elettrobar

Elettrobar accompanies you not only in the purchase of your dishwasher, but also in after-sales support

Need to replace your old dishwasher urgently?

Want individual consulting for a custom project?

Need after-sales service?