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Dishwashers for supermarkets and GDO

Intelligent in consumption

Simplicity of use and vapour recovery

We pay attention to the people who use our dishwashers. We have dedicated new solutions to offer them ease of use, convenience in cleaning and solutions such as vapour recovery and power-assisted handles, guaranteeing an ergonomic and safe work environment.

Not afraid of different kinds of dirt

Elettrobar professional washing adapts perfectly to specific needs, becoming essential in large-scale distribution, where it is necessary to deal with a vast range of dishes with different types and levels of dirt, as well as the subdivision of rooms and the limited space available. Cleanliness and hygiene are essential for your Elettrobar appliance, designed to successfully address any practical need in the field.

Choose the best dishwasher for large-scale distribution

More than 50 models designed to be reliable, user-friendly and sustainable.

Rely on partners Elettrobar

Elettrobar accompanies you not only in the purchase of your dishwasher, but also in after-sales support

Need to replace your old dishwasher urgently?

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