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In the increasingly demanding world of catering, the dishwashers in the renewed River range fit in as the perfect synthesis of technologies at the service of the user: from the brand new LCD screen designed for quick and intuitive use, you control a world of advanced technologies that enhance all functions that a new generation dishwasher must offer.

River dishwashers perfectly meet the expectations of the most sophisticated customers, attentive to the high quality of the service offered with an eye to containing operating costs and protecting the environment.


River 43

Rack size: 40x40 cm

River 53

Rack size: 50x50 cm

Under-counter and front-loader dishwashers

River 63

Rack size: 50x50 cm

Hood dishwashers

River 83

Rack size: 50x50 cm

River 83 NRG

Rack size: 50x50 cm

Rack conveyor dishwashers

River Multi 414.1

Productivity: 210 racks/h

River Multi 414.2

Productivity: 270 racks/h

River Multi 414.3

Productivity: 300 racks/h