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Dishwasher for disinfection Protecta 65

Dishwashers for disinfection with a 50×50 cm rack and 45 cm door opening height

Full double-skin general construction with counterbalanced and thermally insulated door. The tank is entirely pressmoulded and equipped with a full-width integral stainless steel surface filter, which, thanks to its large size, avoid debris causing machine blockages.

Dishwasher operates at high temperatures, to minimize the heat loss and electricity consumption, the most sensitive areas such as the door, the flanks and the boiler have been insulated with special heat-insulating materials.

Maximum height for dishes

39 cm

Maximum height for glasses

35,5 cm

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Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (53X32 cm)

Technical characteristics

Maximum real productivity*
40 racks/hour
Maximum theoretical productivity
Dimensions (WxDxH)
60x60x82 cm
Rack size
Tank capacity
15 lt
Boiler capacity
6 lt


Resistenza vasca
2,1 kW
Boiler heating element
6 kW
Wash pump – power
0,47 kW
Rinse pump – power
0,2 kW
Drain pump – power
0,04 kW
Total absorption
8,6 kW
Power supply voltage
400V - 50Hz - 3N
Max. current
16 amp
Min-max water supply pressure
1 → 4 bar
Min-max water supply temperature
15 → 60 °C

Further information

Chemical dosing is easily adjusted from the control Interface.
Version 65 CDE may be combined with osmosis device system WS140.

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