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Elettrobar utensil washers are designed to offer maximum reliability when washing all kinds of dirt, even the most stubborn, perfectly and rapidly. Pots, dishes, trays, baskets, you can put everything into our washers.

Not just that: also utensils, various instruments, items used in other sectors are washed with excellent results and significant savings.

Why prefer a utensil washer over manual washing?

  • They use 50% less water and 70% less detergent thanks to the peristaltic pump dosing system and high tank temperatures
  • Shorter times: just a few minutes for perfect washing of even the most stubborn dirt
  • Convenience: hand-washing takes space, time and effort.
  • Better Hygiene: thanks to high water temperature combined with specific detergents

Elettrobar utensil washers are constructed in accordance with the ECC design philosophy to make end-of-shift cleaning operations as quick and easy as possible. With its PROCLEAN self-wash cycle, the tank is automatically emptied and turned off, to the relief of the workers.


Thanks to a new concept of electrical power distribution, the recovery time between washes is significantly reduced, especially in the case of repeated washing.

Ease of use and operational flexibility

Elettrobar dishwashers are extremely easy to use thanks to the interface composta da quattro tasti soft-touch, un display LED a 4 caratteri più due side indicator bars.


Energy economizer, rapid tank heating system, and rinse control with Thermostop are standard technologies for all models and related versions