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Niagara 411.2 - 412.2

Tunnel dishwashers Niagara 412.2 with 23% lower consumption than the 411 series.

The Niagara range allows any type of user to find their ideal dishwasher, to wash with maximum efficiency and speed at minimum installation and operating cost.

Maximum height for dishes

45 cm

Maximum height for glasses

45 cm

Maximum height for trays

GN1/1 (60x40 cm)

Technical specifications

270 racks/h
Dimensions (WxDxH)
196,8 x 77 x 162 cm
Rack size
50 x 50 cm


Program 1
270 racks/h
Program 2
200 racks/h
Program 3
110 racks/h
Program 4 (glasses)
135 racks/h
Washing temperature
60 °C
Rinse temperature
80 °C
Rinse temperature glasses program
65 °C
IsyRinse rinsing system
DuoRinse rinsing system
ProRinse rinsing system
UltraRinse3 rinsing system
ProPortional flow variation system
ProPortional Plus flow variation system
Maximum water consumption
320 lt/h
Minimum specific consumption
1,2 lt/rack

Power supply

Power with 15° supply
45.200 W
Power with heat recovery
37.900 W
Power with heat recovery plus
Power with 50° supply
30.200 W

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