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Utensil Washer Lavaoggetti River 347

Utensilwasher characterized by the 70×70 cm racks and 85 cm door opening height.

The construction is sturdy to ensure long life, maximum resistance to stress, and reduce heat dispersion and noise thanks to integral double-skin side walls with split door, fully moulded tank and integral stainless-steel surface filters.

Models 347 and 348 have stainless-steel wash and rinse arms.

Maximum height for dishes

Maximum height for glasses

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Maximum height for trays

Technical characteristics

Maximum real productivity*
20 racks/h
Maximum theoretical productivity
30 racks/h
Dimensions (WxDxH)
85x85x196 cm
Rack size
70x70 cm
Tank capacity
66 lt
Boiler capacity
12 lt


Resistenza vasca
8 kW
Boiler heating element
8 kW
Wash pump – power
2,7 kW
Rinse pump – power
0,2 kW
Drain pump – power
0,04 kW
Total absorption
18,7 kW
Power supply voltage
400V - 50Hz - 3N
Max. current
32 amp
Min-max water supply pressure
1 → 6 bar
Min-max water supply temperature
15 → 60 °C

Further information

Ease of use is enhanced by the interface with multicolour LED screen and ESI soft-touch buttons offering intuitive use even for staff with limited training or frequent turnover.
Ease of cleaning is ensured by the construction of the wash chamber without pipes and sharp corners, the presence of integral stainless-steel filters and by the automatic self-clean and draining programs as standard.
For all models, the NRG version with heat recovery is available, an effective system for removing steam and recovering residual heat.

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